The never ending story about raw milk raids and government overreaching.

Aug 9, 2011 by

I am beginning this as a hopefully regular posting about what is happening in the raw milk arena.  It is personal to me, because I have been targeted by the CDFA (California Dept. of Food and Agriculture) in regards to the raw milk herdshare I have on my farm.  It bothers me to no end that our government is wasting millions of dollars using SWAT type raids on Amish farmers and local private buying clubs who want access to raw milk.  I am aware of 3 other raw milk herdshares  (goats in these cases) in our state that have been given cease and desist orders.  One owner has been arrested.

What makes the government agencies think they have a right and obligation to attack small farmers?  Although they say it is public safety, the reality is that raw milk is one of the safest raw foods in our country.  Let me qualify that by saying there are 2 kinds of raw milk.  The one from CAFO commercial dairies designed for pasturization, and the raw milk produced for direct human consumption from grass fed cows on pasture.  Two very different products.

I will write more later, I gotta go send my milk sample to Colorado because the CDFA refuses to test mine since I am legally not a dairy, but they do want me to  act like I am.




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