Icelandic Sheep

Icelandic sheep are a magnificent triple purpose breed, used for meat, wool and milk. Their wool is a dual coat consisting of an outer guard fiber called tog and a downey soft inner wool called thel. Their fleece come in a variety of colors and patterns from black, moorit (brown), white, mouflon badgerface, grey, spotted or solid.

The flavor of their meat is exquisite. It does not have a strong muttony taste, but a mild flavor. I have eaten 2 year old rams that have a better flavor than most lamb on the market today.

Their size is considered medium. Females 120# to 150#; Males 200# to 250#. They both can be horned, or naturally polled. I find their horns an especially appealing feature.

They are easy to manage and have interesting personalities. The ewes take to being milked very easily. (only a few days to be comfortable with the routine). Their milk makes incredible yogurt and cheese.

Much more information can be found out about these amazing creatures by going to the ISBONA website.